The Late Princess | Founder/President

A Letter from the Founder and President

Dear Friends,

Princess Ejemen Foundation was set up in the year 2003 in memory of my mother Princess Janet Ejemen Obamogie. The goals of the Foundation are:

To improve the socio-economic status of the orphans of HIV/AIDS victims in Africa and
To improve the health care delivery system in Africa at the grass roots level.

The Foundation plans to achieve these goals by reaching out to these orphans directly (cutting out middlemen and bureaucracies) with the help of trained field and case workers and providing comprehensive care and support through the foundation’s medical mission group in collaboration with local health care workers.

The Foundation will start its work initially in Edo State, Nigeria and thereafter use the model to reach out to orphans in other parts of Sub-Sahara Africa.

It is my hope that everybody will contribute in one form or another to reach out to these orphans. As you all know, AIDS is destroying families in this part of the world rapidly. Orphans have become destitutes and are stigmatized. The burden of care has become too great for their extended family members (usually grandparents) who either have limited or no resources or have some other pressing issues to cope with.

It is therefore imperative that we donate generously to help these children who are innocent victims of the AIDS pandemic. No amount of money is too small. Volunteers are also needed.

With your support and co-operation, we will be able to fulfill our mission, which is to instill joy, dignity, and wellness into the changing faces of Africans.
God bless.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Mercy Obamogie, MD, MPH, MBA